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Access to the family trees Restricted access Full access
Online Familiegalm X V
Abonnement Familiegalm X V
Opzoekingswerk 50 euro per uur 30 euro per uur
Kwartierstaat 5 generaties 200 euro 100 euro
Kwartierstaat 7 generaties 300 euro 150 euro
Voorouderlijn zo ver mogelijk 600 euro 400 euro
Familieboek 2500 euro. 200 blz 1500 euro. 200 blz
Kosten per jaar Gratis 25 euro

How to become a member?

Send your membership fee (25 euro) to the Account number BE07 7360 4389 2766 of Familiekunde Vlaanderen regio Diest. Send your payment receipt to [email protected] It can take 5 business days before you get a member!

I have paid, but nothing happens.

If you didn't get member after 5 business days you need to take contact on the email [email protected] Send your payment receipt to [email protected]!